The incentive of Rs 40 thousand for Bengali Hindus who marry to Assamese Hindus

A scheme proposed by the State Linguistic Minority Development Board under which the Bengali Hindus who marry to Assamese Hindus could get the Rs 40 thousand each as financial assistance...

Jacobite Christians protest by forming a human wall against hand over of St Thomas Church to Orthodox Christians.

Jacobite Christians refused to give the ownership of disputed Church to Orthodox Christians. the conflict between two Christian factions continues over the years on the ownership of the Church properties. ..

Over one crore Rs are going to be spent on the development in the concentrated minority area.

Rs 1.15 Cr will be spent where Muslims are 5.60 Lakhs, Christians are 1.09 Lakhs, Jains are 82 Thousand and Sikhs are 21 thousand residing...

TN Government to provide financial assistance to Christians for pilgrimage.

Rs 12 Cr to be spent on Christian pilgrimage. 600 Christians would be benefited under the scheme...

Tamil Nadu Government increases the funds allocated for repair & maintenance of Masjids and Churches

To repair Masjids & Churhces, Tamil Nadu Gov. increases funds up to Rs 5 Cr. But no funds for Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh & Jain temples. ..

Bidar Court grants bail to Urdu school teacher and student's mother over anti-CAA drama.

Class IV kids acting in the play were allegedly made to mouth dialogues that were "anti-national" in nature. Slogans targeting PM Modi were also heard during the "scripted" performance...

A complaint filed by non-Muslim woman against her husband who is forcing her to embrace Islam

A non-Muslim woman filed a complained against her husband, namely Mohammad Jasim, who is pressurising her to embrace Islam..

Rs 16 crore sanctioned for Muslim and Christian religious institutions.

The sanctioned amount will be provided from the Special Problem Funds. ..

1200 Madrasas and 200 Sanskrit Tols will be converted to 'normal schools'

Since the State is a secular institution, it cannot fund religious teaching..

The Mahavir Temple Trust announced a donation of Rs 10 crore to Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust

The Mahavir Temple Trust located at Patna, Bihar has announced a donation of Rs 10 crore to Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust for the construction of Ram Mandir...

Assam Government replaced the term 'Khilonjiya Muslims' with the specific Muslim community's recognitions.

Assam Government proposed 'Khilonjiya Muslim Development Corporation' will now be called the 'Goriya, Moriya, Deshi and Julha Development Corporation'..

Sant Shiromani Ravidas Jayanti celebrated on Magh Purnima in Uttar Pradesh.

Thousands of devotees gathered at Chikur, Uttar Pradesh to celebrate the Sant Shiromani Ravidas Jayanti on Magh Purnima..

Tuting region in Upper Siang district will be included under the Buddhism tourism circuit, says Arunachal CM

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prema Khandu said the Tuting region in Upper Siang district would be included under the Buddhism tourism circuit in order to receive a large footfall of tourists...

Kolkata Police oppose the distribution of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ book but later permitted when asked about Quran and Bible free distribution.

The Kolkata Police prevented the Hindu religious workers from distributing the 'Hanuman Chalisa', a Hindu religious book among the visitors of the 44th International Kolkata Book Fair. However, later allows when the workers pointed out the free distribution of Quran and Bible among the visitors...

Bene Israel community celebrated the recognition of their 'Malida' ceremony as an official national holiday of the Hebrew Calendar

The Bene Israel community, hailing from the Maharashtra region, descended to Jerusalem on Monday evening from all over Israel celebrated the recognition of their 'Malida' ceremony as an official national holiday of the Hebrew Calendar...

RSS leader questions the Church for converting people to Christianity

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader Suresh 'Bhaiyyaji' Joshi said that the Church converting people to Christianity by taking advantage of their "ignorance and poverty"...

Christian Medical Association of India sponsored the Alcoholic Anonymous program held in Mongsenyimti village of Nagaland

A seminar and counselling programme for the Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), was held today at the Mongsenyimti Village Baptist Church with the help of Ashiponger Foundation. The Christian Medical Association of India sponsored the programme...

Passport-free entry for Sikh pilgrims to Kartarpur under consideration says Pakistan’s Interior Minister

Pakistan's National Assembly was informed that a proposal for allowing passport-free entry for Sikh pilgrims to the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur was under consideration...

Hindus & Buddhists financially contributed to the construction of Jama Masjid at Koregaon-Bhima town.

A great example of religious harmony at Pune district came to light when two non-Muslim communities came forward to construct the Jama Masjid. At Koregaon-Bhima, both Hindus & Buddhists communities have financially contributed to the construction of Masjid...

Himachal Pradesh Government plans to build mega Buddha theme park at Dharamshala

Himachal Pradesh Government plans to build mega Buddha theme park at Dharamshala..

Rise in Dalit-Muslim tension in UP over the locality name change from Gautamnagar to Islamnagar

Rise in Dalit-Muslim tension in UP over the locality name change from Gautamnagar to Islamnagar..

"Close all Mosques until we know what is being preached in them", says Anti Corruption Ireland leader O'Doherty.

A video published by one of the follower of Anti Corruption Ireland (ACI) leader Gemma O'Doherty on her Twitter account. In this video clip, while talking with ACI members, Gemma O'Doherty said, "Close all Mosques until we know what is being preached in them"...

Sri Ram Janma Bhumi Tirtha Kshetra will be the name of the trust for construction of Ram temple, says PM Modi.

In Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the name of trust having fifteen members including a Dalit representative, for construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya...

Baptists Churches of Nagaland gather together for an 83rd Annual General Council.

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) 83rd Annual General Council under the theme of ''Stronger Together'' was held from January 30 to February 2 at Liangmai Baptist Association Mission Centre, Tening. The Council was hosted by the Liangmai Baptist Association (LBA)...

VHP identifies thirty places in UP where religious conversion took place

Vishwa Hindu Parishad has identified thirty places in eight districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh where alleged religious conversions by Christian missionaries are taking place...

Twenty Christians killed in Tanzanian Church when they surged toward to touch holy oil

At least 20 people have been crushed to death and 16 others injured during an outdoor religious service in Tanzania...

Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah becomes the first dargah to display Preamble of the Constitution.

The Mumbai's Mahim Dargah namely Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah, likely became the first dargah in India to display the preamble of the Indian Constitution in its premises...

Maharashtra Government is preparing to introduce reservations for Muslims, says Minister Aslam Sheikh.

Maharashtra Minister and Congress leader Aslam Sheikh claimed that the coalition government in Maharashtra, formed between Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress, had in their common minimum programme to grant reservations to Muslims in Maharashtra..

Annual Christian feast Lourd Mata Mahotsav begins in Nagpur.

The annual feast, known as Lourd Mata Mahotsav, commenced with the hoisting of a flag at Seminary Hills grotto on Thursday. The theme of the flag hoisting was 'Mary, star of evangelization' and St Francis De Sales Cathedral, a Roman Catholic Church conducted it...

A Christian man converted to Islam to marry a Muslim girl in Hyderabad

To marry a Muslim girl, a 26-year-old man converted from Christianity to Islam. However, he approached the State Human Rights Commission because girl's parents denied permission to marriage...

Parents arrested after a minor girl died while undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM) in Egypt.

Parents arrested after a minor girl died while undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM) in Egypt...

Refugees supposed to give proof of their religious belief to get Indian Citizenship under CAA

Non-Islamic believer refugees from India's neighbouring countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh supposed to provide the proof of their religious beliefs while applying for Indian Citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), officials said, reported ..

Karnataka High Court grants bail to illegal immigrant and Christian Bangladeshi woman with reference to CAA 2019

High Court of Karnataka granted bail to an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, namely Archana Purnima Pramanik who is from the Christian community. The bail granted on the ground of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019..

Though the citizenship to Christians under CAA permitted, influential Goa Church supports anti-CAA protest

Though the citizenship to all persecuted Christians from neighbouring Islamic countries permitted in Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the influential Goa Church supports anti-CAA protest..

Eight hundred families donate Rs 1 lakh each at Kapala Betta to build controversial Statue of Jesus in Karnataka

800 houses of villages near Kapala Bett Karnataka, contributing Rs 1 lakh for the 114-foot tall statue of Jesus. Majority of people from these villages have converted to Christianity. The Churches of these villages instructed to these converted Christians to donate the Rs 1 Lakh for the statue. Total Rs 8 Cr will be contributed from these Christian dominated villages for building the Jesus Statue...

Two hundred Muslim leaders, including 2011 rioters Raza Academy's leaders demand Shivsena Chief and Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray to pass a resolution against CAA & NRC

Selected appx two hundred Muslim leaders of several Muslim organisations including 2011 rioters Raza Academy's leaders met Shivsena Chief and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. They demanded to pass a resolution against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) & National Register of Citizens (NRC)..

A minor Muslim boy, who was seeking admission to a madrasa, files a complaint against a Muslim leader, who is associated with Jama Masjid

Against the complaint by a 17-year-old boy, The Sakinaka police have booked senior Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) leader and member of the advisory council of Jama Masjid, Dr Abdul Rehman Anjaria under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act..

Muslim mob attacks women mistakenly but let off only when they recite Verses of Quran

The Muslim mob attacked the two women by considering them as Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) surveyors..

Fearing police probe, comedian leaves Russia who insulted Jesus and Church

A comedian Alexander Dolgopolov has temporarily left Russia after police opened an investigation of his performances in which he insulted Jesus and the Orthodox Christian Church..

Ratha Saptami will be celebrated at Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam on the first day of February in Andhra Pradesh

The annual Hindu festival, Ratha Saptami will be celebrated by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) on 1 February 2020, said TTD Additional Executive Officer A.V. Dharma Reddy..

'We will soon establish the caliphate, liberate Jerusalem and conquer Rome': Al-Aqsa preacher

Jerusalem will soon become the capital of a global caliphate, Muslim preacher has told a crowd of Muslim worshipers at the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City..

Kerala politics quiet on "Love Jihad", but we can not be, says Kerala Catholic Bishops Council.

Secular political parties should at least accept that "Love Jihad" existed in Kerala...

After the conflict in Dalit and Muslim community, a Dalit youth burnt alive.

A 24-year-old Dalit man was set on fire in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. The youth named Dhaniram Ahirwar suffered 60% burn in the attack by around 15-20 men. ..

Indian Christians protest against CAA in Kolkata, though the citizenship to all persecuted Christians from neighbouring Islamic countries permitted in CAA

Kolkata’s Christian community registered their protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed nationwide National Register of Citizens (NRC) though the citizenship to all persecuted Christians from neighbouring Islamic countries permitted in CAA..

Quran translations in Malayalam language distributed in India.

Copies of Quran translations in the Malayalam language have been distributed among Muslims in India's Kerala State..

Orthodox Christian faction opposes the Kerala Government's ordinance on burial rituals of members of Christian factions

The issues between two Christian factions, namely Orthodox and Jacobite Christians, are very old. After many failed attempts of settlement between these two Christian factions, the Kerala Government had brought an ordinance to end disputes over burial of bodies of members belonging to both denominations...

A minor Hindu girl Kidnapped by the married Muslim man in Pakistan.

Fourteen years old Hindu girl studying in ninth standard has kidnapped by a married Muslim man. The incident took place at Sindh province of Pakistan..

Thousands of Muslim worshipers riot on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

After the Friday morning Namaz, about 8,000 Muslims began rioting and disturbing law and order on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Muslims began marching, calling out nationalistic slogans and violating public order..

Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti appealed PM to end reservation of Hindus who embrace Islam, Christianity.

Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end reservation granted to Hindu Dalits and OBCs who have embraced Islam or Christianity..

Sikhs in the US will be counted as a separate ethnic group in the 2020 US census.

Describing this as a milestone, the United Sikhs said that this would be the first time the minority group will be counted and coded in the decennial US Census, ANI reported...

The Syro-Malabar Synod has claimed that Christian girls in Kerala are being killed in the name of "love jihad".

The Synod claimed that there was a 'love jihad' focussed on Christian girls, stating that over half of the 21 women who joined Islamic State are from the Christian community...

Iran, an Islamic Shia country passes the ‘Paedophilia’ law to let men marry adopted girls

Date: 1 Oct 2019 The Guardian reported that the Iran lawmakers passed a bill that allows men to marry their adopted daughters, so long as the girls are at least 13 years old.  “This bill is legalizing paedophilia,” said Shadi Sadr, a human rights lawyer for Justice for Iran, a legal group headquartered in London. “It’s not part of the Iranian culture to marry your adopted child. Obviously, incest exists in Iran more or less as it happens in other countries across ..

Ignoring slaughter of animals on Islamic feast Bakri Eid, HC of Tripura banned goat sacrifice at the Tripureswari Hindu temple.

Date: 1 Oct 2019 A 500-year-old tradition of sacrificing the goat every day at Mata Tripureswari temple was completely banned by the High Court of Tripura.  The High Court ordered followed by the PIL petition on the ban on animal sacrifice in Hindu temples by the advocate Subhash Bhattacharjee. The State Government had cited the terms and conditions of the merger agreement with the Indian dominion which prescribed that the government would worship Mata Tripureswari and other temples ..

Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain refugees will not be forced to leave India: Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Date: 4 Oct 2019 Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Tuesday, the Narendra Modi government will extend the National Register of Citizens to West Bengal but before that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill will be passed to accord Indian citizenship to all Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist refugees.  Addressing a seminar on the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Shah said West Bengal's ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) was misleading people about the citizenship roll."People of Bengal are ..

Central Government to release 8 Sikh prisoners on 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak.

Date: 4 Oct 2019 Eight Sikh prisoners from in different jails across the country in cases registered against them during the militancy period in Punjab will be released by the Central Government on the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak in November as a humanitarian gesture.  The Union Home Ministry also announced that through a special remission, the death sentence of another Sikh prisoner was commuted to life imprisonment. Recently, the Punjab Government had sent a list comprising ..

Hindu-Jain temple to celebrate Dusshera at Monroeville near Pittsburgh.

Date: 3 Oct 2019 As reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Joyous festival of Hindus will be celebrated on Sunday with the burning of a 15-foot-tall effigy of the demon king Ravan at the Hindu Jain Temple in Monroeville.  “All of the Hindu community comes here to celebrate,” said temple president Hitesh Mehta. The celebration follows Navaratri, nine days of preparation that include the worship of three female gods, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Celebrants hope to refine ..

A Christian girl flew to UAE, converted to islam and married a Muslim friend.

Date: 3 Oct 2019 As reported by Gulf News, A 19-year-old Christian woman Ciyani Benny, who fled to Abu Dhabi and embraced Islam to marry with Muslim man who becomes a friend on social media about nine months ago.  her parents filed a missing report alongside a police complaint in Delhi saying that their daughter has been kidnapped while her college mates petitioned the Chief Justice of India stating: "an Indian national has been abducted by forces that have been creating havoc around ..

Opposition from Muslims, West Bengal’s local administration denied permission to Hindus to perform Durga Puja.

Date: 2 Oct 2019 According to news channel India Today, 300 Hindu families residing in Kanglapahari village of Birbhum district in West Bengal receieved a major setback when District Administration denied permission to hold Durga Puja. This is for the fourth year in a row that these families were denied permission to hold Durga Puja and be a part of the celebrations by the district administration.  Locals claim that few Muslim families residing in the Hindu-dominated village have been raising ..

Islamic clerics target Nusrat Jahan for participating in Durga Puja.

Date: 7 Oct 2019 Kolkata: Bengali movie actress and TMC MP from West Bengal Nusrat Jahan have been targeted by Islamic clerics after she participated in a Durga Puja festival at a pandal in South Kolkata.   On Sunday, the Ashtami part of the 9-day Durga Pujo festival, Nusrat along with her husband Jain offered her first Anjali to goddess Durga. She visited the pandal wearing a red saree with golden border and a yellow blouse. The first-time MP was also seen wearing heavy ornaments ..

Andhra Pradesh CM Reddy to give plots to Imams working in Mosque

Date: 10 Oct 2019 According to ANI news, Andhra Pradesh government is currently planning to provide house plots only to Imams working in mosques. Imam is the person who leads prayers in a mosque. The houses are only for those Imams with white ration cards.  "The Andhra Pradesh State Waqf Board has written to all the lesser income masjids to avail the scheme. The Imams who want to get a housing plot should apply with their Aadhar card and ration card," Syed Shabbar Basha, CEO of Andhra ..